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Established in 2013


New York

Bruut Productions is your digital partner

in digital strategies and transformations, content strategies, 

formats, OTT solutions, eSports strategies and digital innovation. 
We help you embrace the digital world and let your business benefit from it.

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Digital Strategies & Transformations

NPO, TRUST, Q-DANCE, AT5, Dutch Basketball League, Radio 538, Talpa, WNL, RTV NH, Broadcast Magazine


NPO Radio 4, NPO 3FM, Mister Bard, Dutch Channels (United Broadcast), AT5, RTV NH, NOIR


I amsterdam Today (AT5), Mister Bard, NBA talk show (Southfields), Danceconnect, BruteBeats, YourDailyMetal


Viacom, TRUST, Broadcast Magazine

OTT Solutions

Development OTT player with Triple, used by AT5 and RTV NH (licensed)

Presentations and publications

Speakers Academy, NPO,

Broadcast Magazine

Ad interim

Interim (executive) management and advice for 3FM, Radio538, Serious Request, TRUST, AT5, NPO etc.

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